We design purposeful experiences in a complex, digital environment
We tackle the complexity through our understanding of human behaviour, organisational processes and whole systems
We design


Understanding the real needs of our clients and their end-users lets us design successful digital products.

We design


Understanding the whole user journey and the needs of your staff allows us to improve the quality of your service with innovating ideas.

We share

We think the real value of knowledge lies in its sharing. That’s why we share our know-how — not only in projects, but also in trainings, events, and the design tools we produce.

Payment terminal

How would we design a hardware module for high-speed cryptography?

Worldline’s new ADYTON user interface makes their cryptography hardware easy to install, configure, and use.

ARhus Roeselare

How would we design a state-of-the-art library?

Storyboards helped Roeselare’s ARhus make a name for itself as an innovative library.

Philippe Vandenbroeck

How can systems thinking help your business?

explores the synergy between design thinking and systems thinking.

Some of the organisations that currently employ Namahn

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