Design Thinking summer camp

Namahn Summer Camp

Each summer Namahn offers a three-day training session on design thinking methods grounded in our experiences from hundreds of projects for a wide variety of clients, domains and technologies. We believe the summer camp to be the ideal starting point for organisations that would like to build design-thinking capacity as a strategic advantage.

€ 1500 ex VAT (excluding VAT)
9.00 AM - 5.00 PM. Breakfast and lunch are provided.
Namahn studios
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What will you learn

You will learn the principles of design thinking, a problem-solving methodology that gave a competitve advantage to companies such as Airbnb, IBM, Philips, and many others.

Becoming human centered
Placing customer or end-user needs at the center is a crucial skill of modern-day business strategists.

Designing for experiences
With the commoditisation of products and services, creating memorable experiences for customers provides a leading edge.

Testing ideas as early as possible helps organisations pro-actively address risks and minimise the cost of failure.


What will you do

We explore human, societal and technical trends and their impact on the fields of the participants and come up with cross-sectoral challenges.

Participants work in teams, each team on a different challenge. Namahn designers guide the teams through a process of understanding, exploring and defining.

Each team uses proven design methods that fit the challenge they are facing. The teams often interact to bounce off and test ideas. No prior experience, specific knowledge or skillset is required.

Inspirational talks
Each day, we feature a speaker that presents a far-off, inspiring topic.



Day 1: Understand

  • Set the scene
  • Frame and reframe the challenge

Day 2: Explore

  • Generate ideas
  • Flesh them out
  • Make them communicative, playful & interactive

Day 3: Define

  • Make concepts concrete
  • Solution rollout & evolution


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