We are a human-centered design agency based in Brussels. From our purpose-built studio, we cover the European market and beyond.

Independently owned for over thirty years, we help organisations do great work.

If you are interested in working on the Namahn team, see our job openings and internships.

We work with selected partners


Namahn is part of Hybrio Design, a loosely coupled, tightly coordinated group of five Belgian design & engineering agencies. The other agencies are KAN, Ixor, Fosfor and Voxdale.

Hybrio tackles complex, hybrid design problems and 21st century IoT challenges.


Namahn works closely with shiftN for projects involving systems thinking and for the development of its systemic design toolkit. ShiftN is a Leuven-based futures and systems thinking studio.


Namahn works closely with Symbio for projects involving the conceptual design of control rooms and cognitive ergonomics. Symbio is a Liège-based concepts and products design agency.

Namahn supports the Creative Fair Play manifesto

Creative Network manifesto