Dzemilla Avmedoska

Dzemilla is the often imperceptible but indispensable part of the machine that keeps the whole operation running smoothly. Whilst keeping a low profile herself, she makes her presence felt by keeping the Namahn environment clean, pleasant and viable for both people and plants.

You have not always lived in Belgium, have you?

No, I was born and brought up in Debreste, in Macedonia. I came here eleven years ago with my husband and two small boys. We came to join other members of my husband’s family living in Belgium.

And is Belgium home now?

Yes. I have a daughter who was born here and all the children are settled and happy. I still have family in Macedonia, and we go to visit them. We still speak Macedonian at home but we feel at home in Brussels now.

What do you do when you are not at Namahn?

Pretty much the same as I do here. I look after my own house and my children occupy a lot of my time. Home is very close to Namahn and important to me. I like a quiet life and do not like to stray too far.