Jobs and internships

We are currently not hiring.

Internships & theses

We are always interested in receiving demonstrations of interest in Namahn from talented designers. However, we currently don’t have any open positions for interns.

So far, Namahn has welcomed the following interns or visitors from academia:


  • Ms. Stine Moons (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Design Sciences, Belgium (Hybrio Challenge)


  • Ms. Dorien Eeckhout (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Design Sciences, Belgium (Hybrio Challenge)
  • Ms. Marino Funakoshi (Japan/USA), The Savannah College of Art and Design, USA
  • Mr. Mitchell Knops (Belgium), University of Liège, Human Factors, Belgium
  • Ms. Marie Mervaillie (France)
  • Ms. Sarah Suib (Malaysia), PhD researcher TU Delft, Design for Sustainability program
  • Ms. Mira Verbeeck (Belgium), Amsterdam University College, The Netherlands


  • Ms. Klara Demyttenaere (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Design Sciences
  • Ms. Nona Pattiselano (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Design Sciences (Hybrio Challenge)
  • Mr. Sander Van Goethem, Mr. Sander Wouters and Ms. Julie Snykers (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Design Sciences


  • Ms. Tilly De Rechter (Belgium), LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium
  • Ms. Emma Oris (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Design Sciences (Hybrio Challenge)
  • Ms. Jade Meneve (Belgium), ENSAV La Cambre, Industrial Design
  • Ms. Sabrina Tarquini (Italy), Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    Soundabout, music for social cohesion – a thesis in the Product Service System Design program at the Politecnico in Milan (IT)
  • Mr. Samuel Verhegge (Belgium), KULeuven, Social Sciences


  • Mr. Stefanos Monastiridis (Greece), Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Experimenting with Systemic Design – a thesis in the Service Systems Design program at the Aalborg University in Copenhagen (DK)
  • Ms. Ceylan Özdem (Turkey), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
  • Mr. Thomas Popelier (Belgium), Howest, Belgium
    The design of an interactive timing device for co-creation Workshops – a thesis in the Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design program at the University of Gent (BE)


  • Ms. Emilie Maccarini (Belgium), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
  • Ms. Oda Sortland (Norway), The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway


  • Mr. Frederik Declerck (Belgium), KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Mr. Wout Helsmoortel (Belgium), UGent, Belgium


  • Mr. Fabio Bonini (Italy), ISIA, Firenze, Italy
  • Ms. Sharon Busschots (Belgium), UGent, Belgium


  • Ms. Maïlis Cnop (Belgium), Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Namur, Belgium
  • Mr. Kshitij Pandey (India), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
  • Prof. Dr. Tom Hewett (US), Drexel University, Philadelphia
  • Mr. Julien Hennequart (France), CEPEGRA, Gosselies, Belgium
  • Mr. Jeroen Van Loock (Belgium), UGent, Belgium
  • Ms. Anneleen Vanhoudt (Belgium), Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands
    Between time and pleasure – a thesis in the Design for Interaction program at the University of Technology in Delft (NL)


  • Mr. Constantijn Seys (Belgium), UGent, Belgium
  • Mr. Janne Pitkänen (Finland), Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Mr. Wouter Jappens (Belgium), Brussels Export


  • Ms. Azzurra Pini (Italy), Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Ms. Yagoda Stecki (Poland), Le Lycée Le Corbusier, Strasbourg, France


  • Mr. Mattias Belsack (Belgium), VUB, Brussels
  • Ms. Xiaomin Zhong (China), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • Prof. Dr. Victor Gonzalez (Mexico), Manchester University, UK


  • Mr. Bastiaan Deknudt (Belgium), Erasmus Hogeschool, Brussels


  • Mr. Pascal Endres (Germany), RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Ms. Lotte Vermeir (Belgium), VUB, Brussels


  • Ms. Andreea Chelaru (Romania), Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea, Italy


  • Mr. Werner Lerooy (Belgium), VUB, Brussels


  • Mr. Jan Van den Nieuwenhof (Belgium), University of Antwerp, Belgium