Koen Peters

Before joining Namahn in the spring of 2001, Koen worked as a high school teacher and in a publishing house as an editor and web master for an educational web site. He is working at Namahn as senior information architect and UX designer. Koen is co-chair for EuroIA 2016, Amsterdam (www.euroia.org)

What attracted you to Namahn?

I first heard about Namahn from someone who knew the type of culture I liked to work in and praised Namahn’s working environment. I went to their web site and applied.

What are your main skills?

My experience at Namahn lies mainly in interaction design, project management, information architecture and systems thinking.

What are your biggest achievements?

Having three wonderful children! They surprise me every day, and it is a delight to see them grow up and discover new things.

What is your biggest dream?

You don’t need much to be happy. I simply try to stay healthy, have a few good friends, enjoy my job, cherish my relationship with my girlfriend and raise my three sons as best as I can.

What is your favourite journey?

What I love the most are the hiking and bike trips I do regularly in and around Brussels and other cities I visit.

Like most of your colleagues, you’re a musician.

Yes, I’ve been singing in choirs for over 25 years now, and I am still active in several choirs on a project basis, mostly singing Renaissance and Baroque music. Recently, I have started taking singing lessons.