Building a centre for the homeless in Brussels.

In 2015 Namahn and the Hybrio design team got together to work pro-bono for DoucheFLUX. The plan was to create a centre for the homeless in Brussels that would be welcoming while fulfilling the visitors' needs.

Design challenge

As there are various services available in Brussels, DoucheFLUX aims to complement this offering by providing a space of refuge and help that would welcome anyone in a homeless situation, regardless of their nationality or lack of papers. This also means the centre and its services must be clear and transparent enough so that anyone, speaking any language, can use them with ease.


Through multiple workshops involving all of the stakeholders, several topics were addressed in the design of a final solution. This includes aspects such as interior design, the flow of the employees’ tasks, and the user-experience for the guests.


With the necessary funding, the building was able to open its doors to the public in 2017. Since then, it has provided a daily refuge with showers, washing-machines, storage of precious belongings, phone-charging terminals, and medical and psychological help. Although it is not a place where visitors can sleep, it can be a temporary second home to those in need. Due to its solid conceptual foundation, DoucheFLUX was able to adapt to new situations. For example, they organised low-cost haircuts that were offered by the neighbourhood’s hairdressers. Also, they installed smartphone chargers in all the open spaces when it became a necessity that nullified the already available computers. By transforming itself and the designs, they succeed in continuously providing a smooth experience. Today, DoucheFLUX continues to grow and adapt to keep providing its services every day to those in need.