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Designing a service catalogue for the Xperta Divisions of the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works

How can different central support units of the Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works align their services and offer them as one expertise and consultancy centre? The consultants from Namahn helped the Xperta divisions to define the synergy in the services they offer, to find a common structure, and to design the user interface and write the web copy of an internal service catalogue.

Design challenge

The Flemish Department of Mobility and Public Works has several divisions, each with its own expertise (e.g. dynamic testing, photogrammetry, steel and concrete examinations, state of the art studies, …), that offer a number of technical services to other departments of the Flemish authorities. In the beginning each service provider offered their services on an individual basis. With Namahn’s support they coordinated their efforts to take the quality of their respective services to the next level.

Namahn wanted to bring the different service providers together to get them on the same page. This was challenging, as there were many differences between the services: the types of service, the application process (including degree of automation and digitalisation) and the resources available for the service, etc. How could we align these differences and present the services in one catalogue?


Namahn partnered with the HBplus consortium as web integrator to create the service catalogue. In a first phase, Namahn ran a field study and a number of co-creation workshops, to come up with an information architecture and a detailed design for the catalogue. For the visual design, we made sure it was fully aligned with the Webuniversum guidelines of the Flemish authorities.

Usability test
Usability test

Representatives of all service providers were consulted and involved in the decision-making in each step of the design process. A representative of HBplus was part of the review team at all times, to check the technical feasibility of all proposals.

In a second phase, Namahn handed over the designs to HBplus and continuously followed up the development work. We organised and guided the process of picture editing, and of writing and editing the web copy for the catalogue, making sure all texts and labels were aligned in style, tone of voice, length, etc. We provided a style guide for this process.

Usability test
Usability test


The service catalogue was officially launched during a one-day event at Tour & Taxis in Brussels, in February 2018. During the day Namahn ran short usability test sessions in the morning on the live version, and we held a workshop in the afternoon to explain the user-centred design approach used for the service catalogue. We also brainstormed about how the catalogue could further evolve, using future-state scenarios.

Currently Namahn continues to work on the service catalogue, making further improvements and expanding the scope of it. In June 2019, Xperta has launched a new extension of the catalogue, with events and trainings offered by Xperta, including a registration flow.

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Customer journey