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Workshop Geel Service Design

Designing the Toolkit to digitise municipality processes

Starting with a small project for digitising one city’s ‘Top 10’ digital processes, Namahn has developed a toolkit to help all Flemish municipalities simplify and digitise their processes.

Design Challenge

When the Belgian city of Geel turned to Namahn for help in digitising their ten most important administrative processes, Namahn suggested involving other municipalities facing similar challenges. Nine other cities and municipalities and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) joined the project as a result, maximising impact.


The original goal of the project was to redesign 10 municipality processes and design the basic screens for their online implementation.

For each process, we held a co-creation workshop for process mapping and screen design, facilitated by a process map and an array of screen templates. Using the process map, participants from the municipalities analysed the process, using the screen templates to set out the information required for each step in the process.

Workshop Geel Service Design


Toolkit Geel Service Design

After a few of these design workshops, the participants’ enthusiasm for these tools made us rethink the project. We ended up transforming the workshop templates into a fully documented toolkit for digitising all municipality processes.

This toolkit was presented, tested and enthusiastically endorsed by over 60 participants at a meeting of the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities, many of which are now using the toolkit to improve their processes.