Namahn bvba/sprl
Rue de la limite 21
1210 Brussels


Joannes Vandermeulen
Phone: +32 476 62 62 46
Kristel Van Ael
Phone: +32 496 26 32 79
Olivier Renard
Phone: ‭+32 486 02 11 33‬


Joannes Vandermeulen


Heidi Raymaekers

We have put together a page with all the administrative info you could possibly need.

How to reach us

Map of Brussels

Public transport

From Zuid/Midi station

Take metro 2 or 6 heading for Elisabeth and get off at Madou. If you are in a hurry, take the front car.
When you leave Madou station, follow signs for Gemeentehuis/Maison Communale and walk straight on to reach Grensstraat/Rue de la Limite.

From Centraal/Centrale station

Take the bus to Queteletplein/place Quetelet:

  • bus 65 heading for Bourget or 65 (barred) for NATO
  • bus 66 heading for Tol/Péage

Turn right as you step off the bus, then first left on to Grensstraat/rue de la Limite.

From Noord/Nord station

Take bus 61 heading for Montgomery and get off at Grens/Limite. Turn left as you step off.  Turn right on to Grensstraat/Rue de la Limite.

You can also walk: leave the station by the Aarschotstraat/Rue d’Aerschot exit and turn right. Turn left on to Square Victoria Regina,  then right when you reach Kruidtuinstraat/rue Botanique. When you reach Koningstraat/rue Royale, continue straight on to Dwarsstraat/rue Traversière: watch out for trams as you cross! Take the third right on to Grensstraat/rue de la Limite.


Cycling in Brussels is a bit of adventure, but we do prefer it – that’s why we have a safe space, in the building, to park your bicycle.


Parking is scarce in the streets surrounding Namahn and Namahn does not have its own parking.

So, if you must take the car, please consider using the public car park at Dwarsstraat/rue Traversière 15, 1210 Brussels, which is 300 meters from Namahn on foot: Google Map. Because of the one-way system, you’ll need to drive to the car park from Koningstraat/rue Royale. Please ignore the display at the entrance that says that no space is available; there is always space.

When you walk out of the car park, head left on Dwarsstraat/rue Traversière, and take the second right on to Grensstraat/rue de la Limite.