Christine Truc Modica is a designer that we admire

A design leader in Human Insights, part of the Sustainable Design School and olive oil producer Christine is someone that we admire for her design work and outlook on the world.

The art of facilitating (virtual) workshops

It’s difficult enough to facilitate an interesting and productive workshop, but now with everything gone digital there are even more challenges to hold your audience’s attention. Sabrina shares her insight and expertise on how you can plan and manage a successful workshop, translated for these remote-working times.

Design systems, systems design and the wonderful world in between – Part II

In the first part of this article Stefanos established that design systems are inherently social and we saw what some key principles of systems thinking might mean for design systems. This second part of the article is basically a brainstorming exercise around Donella Meadows’ leverage points.

The power of paradoxical thinking

As we try to solve complex problems, we encounter paradoxes that are seemingly contradictions. We tend to dismiss them as irreconcilable and make a choice for one of the extremes, but by doing so we actually make a big mistake.

Tools and pragmatism in UX design

Are you gullible when it comes to trying out every shiny new design tool? Michel isn’t. He takes us through a plethora of tools, from pen and paper to the latest virtual collaboration boards and advises on when it makes sense to add yet another tool to your design toolbox.