Tom Van Iersel

Tom Van Iersel


Specialises in: UI design, UX design, design systems, wireframes, prototypes 

Tom’s interest in ‘why people do what they do’ has informed his studies – Applied Psychology followed by a master’s degree in Graphic Design at Sint Lucas Antwerp – and his subsequent career as a visual and UX designer, teacher and researcher, incorporating behavioural design, design ethics, prototyping and usability, and web design. 

Today, Tom enjoys getting into designing user interfaces, user experience design and drawing wireframes. He builds design systems and defines rules on how all the components should behave. He equally loves thinking about the bigger picture and making it tangible. He gets along with front end developers because he spent several years teaching HTML and CSS to first year BA students.  

He is also involved in a cross-European project researching hate imagery online. Specifically, the role of graphic design (image manipulation, typography, marketing) in the polarisation of ideas on social media.  

When he’s not working, Tom loves to collect vintage 1980s toys. He is the proud owner of a full run of vintage Star Wars action figures, Masters of the Universe and Ghostbusters. He is also a fan of Lego® Star Wars toys. It’s part of a wider passion for science fiction and fantasy writing.