Public Service Design brochure

Public Service Design guide

Namahn helped Design Flanders to develop a guide for use in public organisations.

Service design is a discipline that aims to design new services or improve existing ones. It is an interdisciplinary method that (re)shapes services from the perspective of the user. That does not happen by estimating what a hypothetical user would prefer, but by working with actual users to co-create an effective and efficient service. In this way, your service seamlessly connects with the needs and desires of your customers and citizens.

The importance for public authorities and other public bodies – service providers par excellence – is evident. At the same time the public sector is under ever greater pressure (savings, higher expectations, new challenges). Service design can help in this, by examining how time and resources can be used efficiently without sacrificing quality.

For this reason, Design Flanders has developed Public Service Design – A Guide for the use of service design in public organisations. The guide is available as a download and as a booklet, both in Dutch and in English.