Systemic design toolkit

A few years ago, the need of tackling increasingly complex projects pushed Namahn and shiftN to collaborate on a Systemic Design toolkit. At the RSD5 symposium in Toronto (2016), the two partners presented the first version of the toolkit and assessed its fit for purpose during the conference workshop.
Since then, the original authors have collaborated with Peter Jones (Systemic Design Association) and Alex Ryan (MaRS Discovery District) for continued development of the toolkit towards a mature version, ready for use.

The Systemic Design Toolkit was officially launched at the RSD7 conference in Turin. The Namahn team, led by Kristel Van Ael, facilitated a one-day workshop on Systemic Design during the first day of the conference. The attendees explored a selection of tools by applying them on the challenge of school dropouts. At the end of the day, the toolkit received very positive reactions and several inputs for further improvements.

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