User Interface Design Training

User Interface Design training

User-friendliness of interfaces might seem obvious, but having to manage large amounts of data and complex processes can make designing for usability and simplicity quite challenging. Our user interface design online training course covers a process to help you identify the core usability issues, systematically explore solutions and test whether your solutions will be embraced by the user.

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9.00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Participants in our online training course learn the principles and practices of user-centred research, design and testing. The training focuses specifically on designing for the rich interactions and workflows of data-intensive applications.

As an integral part of the training course, you will gain insight into Namahn design methods and techniques directly from our design teachers. During practical group exercises and discussions, we will work through a scalable design approach that you can apply immediately to projects you are working on. In order to optimise group interactivity, we accept a limited number of participants per session.

Participating in this training course teaches you how to apply user-centred design techniques the Namahn way, and will help you to:

  • Analyse and understand users and tasks
  • Specify usability requirements
  • Design user interfaces from concept to detail
  • Select and apply useful design patterns
  • Evaluate the usability of software applications
  • Communicate a user interface design

Target audience

Business and functional analysts, software developers, user interface designers, technical writers, IT project managers, usability engineers, product managers, marketing managers, R&D staff…


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